Bluetooth LED Smart Cap

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  1. Mobile APP Bluetooth connection.  

  2. Rechargable . 10 hour working time
  3. Resolution: 12 * 48 = 576 pixels.

  4. Text mode: the message cap can display 80 English characters.

  5. Animation mode: If you want a picture effect, you can switch the picture that comes with the system at any time. If you don't like it, you can DIY the picture yourself, and you can save it for the next use.

  6. music mode: Music rhythm display, the phone songautomatically syncs.

  7. Text scrolling function: move left and right, up and down,flashing, snow, etc.

  8. DIY editing: custom drawing, draw the animation you want.

  9. LED caller blinking function.

  10. Detachable: Removing the screen is a normal hat with 100% Cotton. Without the hat, The screen can be using elsewhere,glued to backpacks, clothes, shoes, bicycles, car, anywhere, It's also Cool too.

Shipping Cost Local: Single Store Checkout - KD 2 Multi Store Checkout - First Store: KD 2, Second Store: KD 1, Third Store + Every Store After That: KD 0.500 International: Depends Upon Destination
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